Song of the day: If I were a rich man!

Ever heard Roger Whittaker perform this song live? Nothing beats it!
And today – today is the day for a song about financial dreaming and economic liabilities wiped off the chart of life. I’m finishing my civil service on the 15th of March and today I got the end settlement from the army! WOHOO!

20.000NOK on my account. ($3.200USD)
*Sigg3 wiggles his ass.

Don’t know if it’s the ten cups of coffe I’ve already had this morning, but I’m all psyched up! Everything is going well at the moment. The application I’m writing seem to reach a successful end, the girl I’m dating left numerous messages on my cell over the night and the sun is shining.
Now I can just sit back, stretch out my legs, and wait for everything to go to hell..

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