I ain't dead just yet

There has been a considerable lack of updates on my blog for about a month, and I duly apologize for any readers out there whom shed his/her tears in the disbelief that I had passed on to the netherworlds.. But if you toasted on my grave with a Guinness Draught, Tom Waits on the stereo and a suspicious amount of attention from a double-net character in the corner, I don’t pity you at all:)

The truth is that I’ve been working.
Not just that. I’ve been working twenty-four seven for Fafo and the Norwegian Refugee Council to complete a cycle of database forms they are going to use in the field. More info can be found over here. It’s all very coloured by the feeling of ‘voluntary work’, which is fine by me. My problem was that I was volunteered by someone else..

My blog was not the only thing that was influenced by my total disappearance throughout the "programming".. my social life suffered severe injuries, and it’ll be interesting to see whether it is possible to re-build the trust I once had among the hustlers and hookers of this town. Even my low-life friends complained, calling me a ‘capitalistic ant’.

But yesterday at around 4p.m. we wrapped up the first round only three hours after deadline. I expect some slow-moving time until the 17th or something, but we’ll have to see what happens first. In the meantime I promise to tell you as much as possible about the lack of events in my life. First off, I’m going to the movies to see Constantine (starring stick-of-wood Keanu Reeves as the Hellblazer).. I know, I know. But I’ve read a couple of the comic books and I quite enjoyed them. They were like a mix of Preacher‘s quality with the story of Spawn, without pulling any of these two classics to the dirt. But Reeves stinks nonetheless.

Then I’m looking for a place to live.
Today I’ve contacted three people, and I’m going to see this place that is even further into the centre of Oslo than where I’m living now.. What can I say? I like to stay close to the action.
I hope I get this place I’m going to see this afternoon. It’s the entire top-floor of a four storey building shared with 7 other people. The room is twice as big as the one I’ve got now, and less expensive. Unless the eight of us have to use the same bathroom, I’m willing to go for it any second. But I have to see it in person first.
I’m gullible, not Homer Simpson. There’s a slight difference.

Last three CDs I bought:

  • Pearl Jam’s Ten
  • Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ Henry’s dream
  • Mercury Rev’s The Secret Migration

Stay tuned for FOY2006 January Girl!

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