A real update of things to come!

Sigg3 o 0 ( Eminem – Go to sleep )

My mates are kicking it in Greece, bathing, drinking, picking up girls; yep, the whole package.. While others, without mentioning any names, have to do some honest work to put some food on the table (or money in the bank).

What is really going on, nowadays? It seems as though all you do is working!
You’re right. I do alot of work these days, but I’m (un)officially quit on Saturday the 16th. Never again. So, when I’ve quit the job I can focus on what I should be doing, which is to pack my stuff for the three-month stay in Cuba, and to throw away all the things I don’t actually need. As I’ve mentioned before, my mother is selling the house, my home for 11 years. God damn it. Sounds really long, doesn’t it? Well, it is finally over! I’m moving too!

So, in September, around the 18th, I leave the country for Amsterdam (capital of the Netherlands). Won’t stay there longer than 2 hours, so I only have time for a few cigs. Then all of my fellow students and I are off to warmer regions: the Gulf. I’ll stay there, don’t know exactly where yet but in or around Havannah, for about three months.

Then on to my civil service. This is most probably executed somewhere south or east in Norway, but nothing is decided yet; I’m still waiting for an answer for my (hopefully) future employers. This goddamned theft of my lifetime lasts for about 14 months but, as I mentioned, nothing is certain..

What about the other ppl?
Some are staying here(, poor, poor bastards), but most of them assholes are leaving for Tromsø, Paris of the North (and my birthplace). Heh, some of them have already decided what they want to "become". And my sister think it is strange I dissed my class…! I’ll probably tell you some more gossip when I know more about it.

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