Best search strings during February

I always like to look at what people have searched for that made them end up here.
These are actual search strings during February 2005 (best in bold):

  • debbie does dallas download
  • teletubbie mercy kill
  • get me a surprise in merry-x
  • 2005 alphabetical sailors names and email contact guestbook
  • actual taped landing of man on mars
  • counselling for teenage prostitution downtown los angeles
  • different relegion in france
  • hemingway’s shotgun lyrics
  • hearing sirens disorder
  • i believe in total anarchy if it means i get more pussy
  • jordanian music – thinking about girls who make trouble
  • newt is the perfect example of mankind’s confusion with life
  • shakespear translation in klingon
  • statistic of bald people in singapore
  • women beating men

…. What can I say?

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