Scariest picture of the day: yo momma

The scariest picture of today was dug up during a test-run of the php based photoframe auto-gallery script.
Look at it. Click the picture for a larger view. Look at it again. I find it immensely disturbing. First she’s there, all old and cosy and mild. A regular grandma. Stare at the picture for a minute and tell me again what you think. I think it’s the teeth. Or maybe it’s just me? Like those psychological ink-pictures.. Freaky..

2 thoughts on “Scariest picture of the day: yo momma

  1. Heh, er nok settingen hun er i. Bakgrunnen er solfylt og iforgrunn – uæææ, oh lord help me so. Men spørsmålet er vel hvor i alle dager du finner slike bilder – googler du bestemt etter “Ol’ grandmas”? :D

  2. Det finnes mye rart rundt omkring på nettet, men det beste bare kommer til deg.
    Denne her er en av de, funnet på et eksempelgalleri for photoframe scriptet:)

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