Brought to reminiscence by ancient hardware

This senior advisor has entered our offices, and with him he brought his Toshiba CD300s (w/Intel Pentium MMX, 80mb ram and 5gig hdd running on a win95 original ed). For me it was like a dive into the realm of the past. He wanted me to put it onto our network, and I had to install the MS network client, and I was all like waiting for the drivers to be installed automatically…!
Believe it or not, but our sysadmin actually has a copy of win95 drivers.. I’ll look into it on Monday. Tried running Knoppix on it, but I forgot that the win95 dos prompt didn’t support cds.

I remember the first PC my mother bought when I was 14 or something. It was a Intel PII 233Mhz with 32mb of RAM and some 3,2gigabyte harddrive. I bought a Voodoo2 12mb video card for it later, and together we ruled our town in high-graphics and hi-speed internet gaming (by a 128kbps Dual ISDN occupying both telephone lines:).

We played Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.
Click for close-upMy nick was Rodian54, and me and my brother hosted a clan I can’t remember the name of. We had to. We never were among the LPBs (Low Ping Bastards), and had a general ping ranging from 450-700, so no one ever wanted us despite our M4D SkillZ with the lightsaber.
Playing Canyon Oasis with ‘full force‘, I’d run past people with force speed, stall them using force grip and fire a destruction ball into their ass. If you didn’t die from that my first swing of the saber would kill you. Brilliant.

It was fun until lame h@ckers began to infiltrate the MSN Internet Gaming Zone. I remember the most hi-tech "hack", which wasn’t a .cog file or anything, but the alt+tab switch to the player config files when viewing your user prior to joining the game. You could set ALL the force powers (both light and dark) to 8. Kick ass action.

Then I ruled in Quake2 CTFII (using a copy of MM^Dark’s config file!!) on the Telenor servers and servers that are running even today..
Those were the days.
Kids nowadays have no idea what computer gaming is.

EDIT: Speaking of which, my brother turns 18 today! Hooray!

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