An update from the bedroom

Listening to: Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy

Yup. Title says it all, doesn’t it? I’m currently sitting at my brother’s bedroom (I was just about to "say" webroom:) and he has got his computer set up like a gorilla in a cage. The monitor jumps up and down when I type, probably adding to my general lousy eyesight while the neighbours have contacted the police due to my tourettes bouncing between the walls at random intervals…

I’m waiting for my laundry..
Ooooh. My brother has got the new Daft Punk album! :D
*Sigg3 puts it on.

So, what’s up?
This is my first day off work in over a month. And I’m doing my laundry, sitting inside waiting while the sun shines outside. I need to buy cigarettes and I should’ve been writing or reading at this hour.. I’m currently back to being single, which I find amazingly comfortable. It turned out that the girl I was dating had somewhat of a personality disorder and decided that it was no problem that she dated other people too.. Simultaneously.. And fuck what!? She decided it was best I found this out for myself instead of her telling me.
Good riddance!

So it’s back to being the sleazy guy with the glasses in the corner. Clutching my dark-brown ale and tapping my foot to Michael Jackson’s Thriller at Choice – Hey! They’ve got the cheapest beer in town! – brushing off all the homosexuals who can’t understand that I’m not gay even though my attention is thoroughly fixed at some way too young girl’s upper torso. Or rear end. *snif*
Watch out blondes! Mothers; keep your daughters at home!
This dawg is back howlin’ at the moon again.

There’s some general confusion as to my current career moves at the moment. Let me clear things up for you: I’m waiting for an offer, and after what I’ve heard and do believe, I’ll have a contract from early next week:)
Great. Paid work. Sounds like a dream.
And I’m moving out from my current home too. The wolf’s den as it so interestingly was dubbed by one of "Norway’s great authors" *. It actually fits now, since I found out that one of the small sheds out in the backyard is frequented by middle-aged men who pay for illegal services. No big surprise having noticed the pimping business over a year ago. But anyway, I’m probably moving two blocks up, and the rent is almost halved. So I’ll have a little less room, but I can smoke cigarettes inside and actually see the street.

But I’ve got to go check my laundry now.

I received a text-message from London just now calling me back to work.
So much for a day off…

I managed to talk my way out of it, being my first day off for a month and all.
Go me!
(*There are generally very few great things in Norway. At most, there’s me.)

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