Cloroform's new album due to 11th of April !

Finally! My favourite Norwegian group has spent numerous hours in studio to satisfy their fans. The new album dubbed Cracked wide open has also given them a reason to tour again. Finally!
This is what Cloroform’s Kaada writes:
Fjordheim, Storesund and I have spent all winter in studio, and we’re really excited about how it turned out. We’re confident that this new album will be the greatest album ever recorded by crime fighting defense lawyers, The Cloroform. That’s right, The Cloroform’ new album is SO tight, that … you… uh… it’s just… way tight.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Public pervert
  2. Soupgirl
  3. Love you more
  4. Imaginary Girlfriend
  5. You talk way too much
  6. The entertainment industry
  7. Eat your face
  8. Cruch on you
  9. Lifelong tradegy
  10. Spend my life
  11. Come with me please
  12. Broken

And you should most definetely check out those previews:

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