Pollresults on "Have you ever sat on a horse?"

I’m pretty disappointed here. I’d guess all my readers are either a) Texans/cowboys or b) Truckdrivers. But according to the poll results on the last weekly poll almost none of you have ever sat on a horse. Of course that includes me.. But I was glad we reached a 20 percent at least, to support the horse business that is. Horse business is hard business, I reckon. Here you go:

Have you ever sat on a horse?
Giddy-up!: 10%
I have tried it: 10%
Nope, but I’d like to try: 72%
I’ll never sit my ass on one of them: 3%
I *like* horses (you pervert): 3%

Thank you for participating! Now get out of that chair and onto the tracks!

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