Happy Easter!

And what’s up with that bunny?

Suddenly you get eggs and bunnies all over the place! For those of you who didn’t know, I live in "Little Kariachi" or Grønnland, the most multi-cultural and ethnically diversed part of Oslo, and even though most of the people around me are muslims or part of some occult, Asian or anarchistic cult we’ve still got these bunnies all over the place!
Because it’s Easter.

Right now, in fact, I’m devouring a dead chocolate bunny that I got in the staff meeting this morning. (For those of you who didn’t know, I now have a job!) It’s not that I don’t appreciate chocolate or bunnies for that matter. In fact I do find bunnies an amusing parallell to us humans. They’re like mankind on Viagra. And alot cuter. But apart from that I don’t get the point. I don’t think it’s a racist remark, since we have them in both brown and white chocolate. It has got to do with tradition, I reckon.

Now, what happened during Easter that could justify the bunnies?
Jesus was killed?
The Jews escaped the pharao of Egypt and could search for their holy land?

.. or maybe this goes further?

Maybe we’re talking some sort of secret government agency testing the strains of vacations on some parts of its population. But what government? And what part of the population? These are questions left unanswered…
.. which is completely fine by me! Time to get out of the office and start livin’ it on sparetime!

Not that I’ve got any time to spare, though.. You’ll see me cleaning down two bedsits, knocking up some IKEA (yuck) furniture, arranging my books alphabetically and drinking all the beer I can manage these coming five days.. I’m a buissy man, but vacations always get me all psyched up and renders me even buisier.
But first.. first you’ll unwrap your special bunny and head over to Pauly’s and read some truckin’ stories.

Here’s my office work stats the last two days:
Pointer Travelling Distance: 1522 meters
Mouse Clicks: 7986
Left: 6950
Right: 126
Doubleclicks: 910
Keystrokes: 20342
Time of Measurement: 25.366667 Hours

Happy Easter!

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