Link of the Day: pPlayer's Blogger Spotlight: Tao of Poker

The shit has really hit the fan for my American pal Pauly.. The good shit!

On the strategically weak-minded date of the 1st of April he came forward with a great public service announcement: He’s going to Vegas again, to stay there for x months and write about the world tournament in poker, AND HE GETS PAID FOR IT! (okay, that’s enough exclamation marks for one post.)

Not that I’m much of a pokerplayer myself. In fact, if you’re five feet tall, blond and preferably a woman you’ll read me like an open book magnified times ten. I’m just this evil little guy, like a regular gnome, and I can’t help grinning when I see Total World Domination within my reach. Then everybody else folds and I win a nickel. So I don’t think it’s much fun, unless I’m incredibly drunk, but Pauly actually manages to write entertaining stories about it. For me that’s like someone writing a book about a stone called Joe.

This is a stone called Joe.
Joe isn’t much of a talker.
(An hour passes.)
Joe gets wet since it starts to rain.

See? It’s dull. It’s mind-achingly boring.
Pauly has got talent, I can assure you of that.

Which is why the link of the day is:’s review of Pauly’s work;
"The Tao of Poker chronicles the avid poker adventures of Paul McGuire, aka Dr. Pauly, a New York writer who’s been playing poker half his life. The posts, often prolific, are always entertaining — Las Vegas trip reports, accounts from the Blue Parrot home games at Rick’s Cafe, stats and spittle from his online play at Party Poker, commentary on all things poker that crosses his desk, and most hilarious—his fascination with the Hilton sisters and strippers." (Read more)

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