Poll #17: Do you sing in the shower?

I love bathrooms with tiles. Tiles have a way of making the bass-parts of your singing in the shower sounds really booming, and covers up the cracking hi-pitch noises that only Celine Dion and castrated munks can do. I don’t sing Celine Dion, though. It varies alot, but my favourites thus far: Elvis Presley (As the snow flies, Fever, Viva Las Vegas), Roger Whittaker (If I Were a Rich Man, Durham Town, Special Kind of Man), Hair (I don’t know the lyrics, but I sing it nevertheless), Nick Cave (O’Malley’s bar, Where the Wild Roses Grow, Get Ready for Love), Lou Reed (Ecstacy, Heroin, I’ll be your mirror), Neil Young (Harvest, Alabama, Needle and the Damage Done, Old Man, A Man Needs a Maid) etc. etc.

Poll #17: «Do you sing in the shower?»

Be honest, friends.

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