Alarmclock connection!!!!

Sigg3 o 0 ( Tenacious D – Tribute )

I haven’t heard anything from Alarmclock Connection for a long while now, but today whence checking my e-mail a msg popped up: Alarmclock recruits rappers. Great. Here’s a bit more to swallow:

"This summer, Alarmclock has not only been eating enormous amounts of ice cream, we have also been busy plotting and scheming to make it harder for the overclass to run the machinery that plunders the world."

The two new rappers are Shepherd and Pariah of the Spooks, the last one "is one of Norway’s longest lasting rappers and has been spitting hard core working class political shit since anyone can remember". Congratulations!

Read more over @ Alarmclock Connection! (when they update:)

Download Spooks – don’t sleep in .mp3 format!

(All quotes are copied without permission.)

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