Back from Sudan, but thanks for all the fish anyway

I just wanted ya’ll to know that I’m back in one piece, and ready to get on with whatever I was doing. Uhm, setting up my new furniture, fighting my cold and listening to Lou Reed.. and more work.

What was it like?
Darfur is in crisis and absolute need for help, and let’s just say that when you’re in the field you’ve got to follow the security protocols and focus on the work at hand. You’re there for a reason. People will not get help if you don’t do your best. Act professional. Which is what I did.

But what was it like?
If you’ve ever been to Khartoum, you know the ways of the country, and you know that the British Airways’ label on your ticket reading World Traveller leaves you on your own to an adventure you couldn’t dare dream of along the lines of Monty Python’s: "And now for something completely different!"

Where did you go?
Khartoum (the capital) and Nyala (in Darfur) to work in the Kalma camp

As for the rest of it, more is coming. But even four days after landing in Oslo, I still haven’t landed completely. I’ve got e-mails to read and reply to, bills to pay and an education to get registered in. I just found out that putting your name on your mailbox is a pretty good idea. Paranoia does that to you.
If you want to check out some of the things going on in Sudan and in the Darfur regions, check out this blog: The Passion of the Present.
Man, it was a trip. For better or worse. Expect a few words to come later on.

One thought on “Back from Sudan, but thanks for all the fish anyway

  1. Hey! Glad your back… And I am glad that you had a good trip. Well, work trip. Never hurts to learn about the world eh?

    Anyways, my new site is being built, most of the template stuff is done but the text needs to be put in… Check it out:

    We need to get the GCP up and running. I can help you out in any way I can, just drop me a line. Talk to ya later.

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