With a cup of steaming blackcurrant tea (Twinings)

..I’d like to apologise to my readers about my late absence of proper updates. It has been a long time since my last proper update, really, since I’ve had so much to do. Not too much, but by the end of a fast-paced week, it’s hard to figure out what kind of shit people think is entertaining to know about.
Like today, I was trying to examplify the importance of seeing regular stuff from a side-ways perspective, so I put my laptop on the side and read the online newspaper with the side of my face stuck to the desktop. Drool was my number one concern. That’s the kind of thing I know nobody wants to hear about, so I just skip it. Instead, I try to grab the essentials of the essential events that I find essential enough to call essential.

Like going to Sudan, for instance.

But that’s not the way to deal with that particular trip. Yet again I ask you to hold your breath (metaphorically speaking!!) until I’ve summed up some thoughts about it. There’s been so much going on that my short-term memory would look like scrambled eggs at the moment.

First thing that I’ve done, is that I’ve moved.
The first thing I learned from moving in, was that one of my "roommates" (we don’t share rooms, but the same roof) had got a hot tip from my brother about my homepage. I don’t like that. I’m a paranoid little figure, which is why I like to be mr. Incognito, I guess. And I can’t be all dark, mysterious and attractive if everybody reads my blog either, now can I? All of a sudden people know what I think!
For a short while there, I thought about password-protecting the entire site so that only I could read it, but then I knew the updates would only be about free porn and beer, so I gave it a second thought.
But to hell with it! I only live with these people, I don’t love them.
(No offence, of course. I don’t hate you either.)

So, I’ve moved to this new place where we’re three-four people sharing bathroom and kitchen, and I find it less irritating than I could ever imagine. Those long hours of carrying and un/packing boxes, which I’m not finished with yet, were really worth it. Then I got some IKEA (yuck!) furniture that only lacked a few pieces (yeah!), put those up, arranged my CDs alphabetically (removing unknown albums like Golden Collection nr. 3), found a really comfy chair down in the basement that I brought up and am now currently in. It’s in black leather and doesn’t give you crap about how to sit, ergonomically speaking.

Then I was two weeks in Sudan working. (More later)
And arrived here Friday the 29th, to’ve one day before the Lou Reed concert on Sunday. Lou Reed kicks ass! and he even played Sweet Jane to us. Having seen him and Nick Cave, I’ve only got Neil Young and Tom Waits before I can solemnly swear in at the convent of crazed pseudo-knowhows of modern rock music.
After three days in alcohol, I decided that I was dehydrated and clinically clean enough to re-appear at work, and since that day – with few exceptions – I’ve been trodding along at the usual gear. Tomorrow’s Tuesday, and I’ll do some updating of the Institute’s software, help setting up preliminary workstations and sucking free, corporate coffee.

Thing is, however, that I ain’t getting much breaks to update my blog. Right now there’s this student sitting right behind me, like back in the school days, and I think she’s reading over my shoulder or at least checking up on what kool linkz I’m visiting (like this, or this or even this). In addition, I ain’t got a viable network-solution at home. Right now I have to have the door open to have access to the world wide web, since no one ever thought of drilling a hole back in the days it was built. And no one likes to have 15 metres of cable stretched out in their hallway, not even a geeky guy like myself. Much too paranoid for wireless, though.

So, summing up, the essentials looks like this:
1) I’ve got some updating to do
2) I don’t know when (or how or where) to do it
3) I’m thinking about drilling a hole in my wall
4) I’ve got to pay the rent (10 days over due!)
5) I want to upload my entire photo-collection from my various travels, without much fuss, so that you at least can see where I’ve been, how it looked there, and why you’re not willing to go there without me. Not many pictures of yours truly, I’m afraid, but do a google on my nickname and there are plenty of other people to laugh of. No, I am not the naked dude standing on the shelves there.

First and foremost I’ve got a pizza to burn and a toilet to visit. See you around in a not-so-long while! And I can guarantee you this: even though my news are not steaming hot or perfumed by the luxurious smell of adventure, action and sugar, my cup of blackcurrant tea is.

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