From Bergen with love

This is a really fresh update from Bergen. I just got home to my sister’s place, after a night out. I must tell you, Bergen is a really great place. It’s like a village in size and appearance, only that the people here are somewhat disillusioned into believing it’s a city. And they’ve got plenty of trees too!
Been a while since I walked the forests, listenin’ to the birds.
And the girls are really hot. And gullible. Not like Oslo at all.

Why am I here? To visit my sister and check out Nattjazz, an annual jazz event in Bergen. Today we saw Knut Reiersrud, and he really kicked ass. Like all the other times I’ve seen him.. Tomorrow there’s Farmers’ Market. I can’t wait.

Was some kind of confusion while I was standing there rocking to his heavy, sweat blues. This dominatrix of a black leather-dressed woman was standing in front of me. We were at the front row. Being a musician by soul and practice, I can’t stand still when I listen to good shit. So I was standing there, rocking, when all of a sudden her bum shoots out.
I had a slight feeling of misunderstanding, since the geek next to me appeared at first glance to be her husband. Could that really be? No. She’d seen him too, but her ass was wigglin’ in front of me like melons on a tray of fruit. Should I give her the hand? Play her game?
Good thing I didn’t.
Apparently putting your ass out to a guy behind you is some kind of brush off in these parts. She wasn’t interested in any kind of kinky setup judging from the glance she sent me when the concert was over. I dunno. To me, it seemed like an invitation (to the blues).

Cultural differences, I assure, but I’ll be back in town tomorrow to check’em out some more. Maybe she’ll be back too? Sleep tight, folks.

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