Humidity at home (linger on the lingerie)

I dunno.

This chick I share appartment with is drying her clothes. That’s ok. I do it too. It’s just that.. her lingerie really soaks on that water. And "in case of visitors" she just shuts the door in the hall so I’m locked there in my room with her clothes drying outside of it. I really don’t mind. I’m slim and easy going, so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining.

.. but you know me.

It’s like a freaggin’ rainforest out there. The humidity is killing me. Every time I go for the bathroom, my glasses gets all fogged up. I hate getting my glasses fogged up. Not that I can’t see anything, it’s just all those idiot remarks people come with when it happens. "Can’t see anything, huh?" or "Your glasses are foggy." Thanks, that’s really helping.
Anyway, I don’t think all that humidity is good for the walls. They’re fine walls, it’s not that, great construction work, it’s just that humidity attracts all kinds of rare specimen. We’re not just talking cockroaches or small bugs, we’re talking strange, nearly invisible organisms erupting spontaneously from her longerie, organisms that would give a biologist a hard-on. Yeah! Right outside my bedroom door!

I don’t think it’s good walking in and out through humidity. Can’t be healthy.
It’s the same with airconditioners or "humidors".
The human body, with or without lingerie, is a fine-tuned instrument fully capable of extreme conditions. There are people living both in the Sahara and in Alaska. They’re doing fine.
They don’t have to go through both climatic zones just to get to the bathroom, like I have to. In that sense, I’m quite a survivor. People can have smart remarks about my social life, but they don’t have to put their lives in jeopardy just to get a cup of coffee from the kitchen.

I dunno. I guess I better ask her to do them twice in the drier before hanging them up. How much damage can it do to a bra? And what difference does it make anyway? If someone she cares about is watching her in her bra, it’s pretty certain it’ll go off before this particular starts to inspect the fabric..

I dunno.

I think it would’ve been easier if it had been regular clothes and not the kind you would impress someone with, like pre-coitus. I mean, I’m impressed, but how do I deal with the matter at hand? "Hi, I like your lingerie and everything, but.." it doesn’t really have a good ring to it.
Sounds like I’ve been checking out her underwear.
I took a peek.

Aw, I can’t tell her.
I’ll just have to pull it through, I guess. Take my chances on various tropical diseases. Do my time with the humid lingerie.
I’m tough. I can handle the pressure.
If I ever get pneumonia, though, I know who to blame. It’s her and her lingerie! I’ll tell ’em all about it.

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