Pollresults on: "Do you sing in the shower?"

I guess I shouldn’t be startled by this. Sigg3 dot net readers sing in the shower. I guess we’re all perfectly normal human beings, considering.. Actually, we’re quite cool. We just don’t sing the regular Tom Jones hits, or the na na na that every Idol participant can manage, no. We’re talking quality music, by preference. I’m proud of you. Now I can sleep good at night, knowing that somewhere out there, people like me are singing in the showers when they get up. It gives me a warm, tingling feeling. And an urge to have a shower. Thanks for participating:)

Yes, I have favourites too: 75%
Yes, but mostly humming: 7%
No, I’m not a freak: 14%
I’m mute and don’t shower (N/A): 3%

Number of votes: 28

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