Poll #18: Are you a world traveller?

I went to Sudan last month, and next week I’m off to Estonia for three-four days. And this might not be the end of it, even thouhg I’m out of a contract the 1st of July this year. I have a feeling this institute will miss their beloved consultant. Wouldn’t you?
But to the point: Have you been travelling?
There are five answers to this

1. Yes (I’ve been to 2+ continents)
2. Yes (I’ve been to 4+ countries)
3. I’m just a regular traveller (vacations etc)
4. I normally don’t go abroad when I travel
5. There’s no place like home (in other words: no)

Countries and continents are NOT including your own.
Oh, I almost forgot the link..
Poll #18: Are you a world traveller?
Thanks for participating.

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