Link of the day: Retirement With a Purpose (dot com!)

Now that I’m working, I’m constantly thinking about retiring. The 1st of July I’m out of a contract and practically a free man, at least until I’m swallowed up by the University of Oslo. Anyway, the link of the day provided me with some info on just how to cope with life. Here’s some of the gems I found at

Jesus Christ redeemed us by His blood, far more precious than corruptible things like silver and gold (1 Peter 1:18-19). When we truly come to know Him, everything else in the world seems valueless!
Hmm.. Can I still worship my toaster? I love my toaster. It’s a devotional, spiritual thing.

Taking in good food each day keeps our bodies in good health. Jesus Christ said He is the "bread of life." After we receive Him as our Savior, we can draw spiritual nourishment and strength from Him each day.
Wow. Talk about a major saving there! With Jesus, I could probably survive with one meal twice a month! Great! I can’t tell you how much I look forward to it.

Write out a letter or tribute to your father. Mention appreciated characteristics or favorite memories. This can be hand-written, typed and even framed.
I don’t know about this one, though. This one would pretty much disturb my father and prolly make him really afraid that something was going wrong in my life. You know how it is. Us kids never phone home unless something has happened or we’re outta cash. And why the heck would you frame a letter. Wouldn’t that quadruple the costs?

[..] train yourself to "bounce your eyes." In other words, discipline your eyes to immediately look away from anything that might cause lust.
What?! I’m not even supposed to look?! I think they want me to look. Those she-devil temptors.

And let’s not forget the list of Jokes that can be told in church.
I guess that’s enough harrassin’ for a day. But remember kids, one day it’ll be you sitting there on the porch being ridiculed by youngsters. Remember to keep your semi-automatic shotgun nearby.

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