Triple-X domains! .. and some links

Not long ago, Cook Islands got their countrydomain up and running. For a small fee you could get hosted with a nifty suffix, opening all kinds of creative variations, e.g. or to name a few.

It didn’t take long for the pornographic industry to have their own suffix, namely .xxx approved by those bearded men (and women) at the round table of Net Decisions. It’s still only a proposal though, but the ICM promotes the idea with statements such as: the .xxx domain would: "help protect children from exposure to online pornography and also have a positive impact on online adult entertainment through voluntary efforts of the industry."
So instead of having to search for porn, kids will only have to search for sites with .xxx suffixes. Brilliant!

I know what Daniela Bianchi‘s official fanpage would be.

And website mirrors aren’t what they used to be. This is what happened when they mirrored Google! Check out a elgooG search for Sigg3!

Who said Webcams weren’t fun? This is it: The Continental Drift Cam

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