One day left.. and counting!

I was just downtown checking the status of my jobsituation, and it seems like things are turning my way: I’m free! Well, one day left. Tomorrow. Can’t wait to walk out that door at half past six and know that I am unemployed and free to do what I should be doing (which is alot). That is why I’m working on a list. More on that later..

Me and Kornelius were going to catch a movie @ home last night, but we dropped in at Kroa first. Played a game of pool, which I lost, so we didn’t continue:) After a beer and a cup of coffe we went straight home to find some entertainment. When we turned the television on it was a LIVE! newsbroadcast from the US. "Oh, no. Not again," I thought. Why is it every time something happens to an American we have to be notified of it in CAPITAL LETTERS over here?? We’re not fucking Americans, allright?! – Powercut? Gsus! What the hell do I care? I mean, I can understand that you want to save those poor bastards locked up in elevators and such, ’cause that can really be a horrible experience (and even a fatal one!), but come on! I think my message came through.. Anyway, the power is returning so big up for those electricians working overtime (’cause that was the real catastrophe)!

We saw "One flew over a cookoo’s nest" starring Jack Nicholson, by the way. I can understand why it’s such a classic movie, because it is really great. A favourite, indeed.

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