Wednesday morning musings

Wow, check out these great photos of Pauly. I really want to visit Vegas sometime.
Don’t think the US Authorities want me there, though:)

It’s time for my "What did I see on my way to work" routine. I tell you, I’ve been seeing all kinds of different shit, one time I was even abducted by a UFO, but various and serious men in black have told me not to think about it anymore. So, what happened to you this particular morning that I would fancy reading about? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it. Just need to get my pulse down to a viable level.

On my way to work I always take a short-cut through the reverse side of the church that lies just next to my office. I’ve met all kinds of worrying characters back there, once I even had to run away since someone thought I was trying to break into a car. Actually I was just taking pictures of it. A brand new Volvo and shit.
Anyway. They were doing some roof-repairs on behalf of the Holy Lord (he’s been away on business for a while), and had this ladder standing in the middle of the road there, so when this car was leaving the parking area I had to step out of the way.
There was a nun driving the car!
Now, I’ve seen nuns before and I respect their devotion to their particular religion, but when I saw this one I felt like the world was at a loss. A big one. If I’d said she was hot, it would be a seriouse understatement. So I’m not going to say it. Sexy? FUHGEDDABOUDID!
We’re talking Jennifer Lopez in a shroud. With all the farmgirl fantasies that follows.
She just took off, out of my life. Guess it would’ve been wrong to ask her to have a drink with me..

So, that’s it. My routine done. Oh, and I met my boss just before going into the building. He meant it was one of those days. Apparently he’d been seeing trucks blocking up the traffic everywhere since he got up this morning. That’s a strange thing to notice.

I’m fed up with newsfeeds. Surfing isn’t what it used to be.
Now I know everything before anyone else, so when I talk to ’em about it, no one can relate to it. What’s the big deal about a 7.0 earthquake in California if everybody just think I’m scoring social points?

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