You know you’ve begun to hate life when you wake up on a Monday morning, smile on your face, on your way to work. Furthermore, singing long forgotten Elton John lyrics in the shower is doubtlessly a cry for help. I feel like an old steed, ready to be put to sleep. I dream about computer maintenance, for crying out loud!

Which is why it’s a blessing that I’m leaving the first coming Friday. FREEDOM!
..god damn it.

First thing I did was spilling coffee on my freshly washed shirt. Then this client wanted to know why his wireless keyboard and mouse wasn’t working. I had to explain him that even though USB devices have the name universal in them, doesn’t mean that you can plug it into the network port.. o_O
Then I discovered that "my ex-girlfriend" is here today. She’s eager to just be friends. And I almost managed to get a date with a stripper during the weekend! There’s just no luck anymore. I might as well resign, retire to the country and make tinfoil hats to protect me and my sheep from russian mentats and alien television broadcasts.

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