Last five flicks I saw

Starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx essentially, is a great hijack of a movie. You get drawn into the action by the mellow speed and beautiful, cinematic shooting in the beginning, and of course the underlying music. You get a feeling that nothing’s really going to happen.. until the shit hits the fan (or more correctly – the roof). Great flick, recommended, allthough Tom Cruise is still struggling with the sofa cushions about being a better actor. So far it looks like the cushions are winning.

Very much like Species, and probably close to Species II also – even though I haven’t seen it, it’s the classical sci-fi/erotic monster-movie, this time with a little compassionate twist (thank you, Hollywood). The story intruiges me, though. Aliens have beeped a DNA string to us, and when we finally get our hands on the creation, it just wants to fuck make love. Of course it, played by Sunny Mabrey, is very sexy, even though her face sometimes resembles monkeys. And what’s wrong with latinobabes or african ones? Why the hell would aliens send a blonde girl? Why not an entire range of women? Statistically, the Species women would be Chinese.
I suspect Nazi ideology underlies the story.
Good flick for fun, but no biggie. I almost lost my appetite watching the childbirth.

I had really low expecations for this one, since I’d heard that it was more about Hollywood than about global politics (the movie’s subtitle is World Police), and the critics were right.. They didn’t do as much as they could’ve, but since this flick became so immensely popular, I fear others won’t dare touch the subject again. That is really bad.
Apart from that, it was a real blast! It had the great humour of Trey and Matt, without having to rely on the – perhaps wornout? – Southpark characters. It had all the appropriate clichés in it, including a very touching scene where one of the leading characters puked, puked and puked. The music brought a tear to my eye. It doesn’t harm having North Korea’s dictator singing "I’m so ronery" in his palace either. There is so much more I could’ve mentioned, but I’m not gonna, since you’d better go and see it!
This movie is far from political, though.

This movie was a real surprise to me! First of all, I didn’t know it was British, and lately I’ve been watching alot of American stuff (e.g. the Sopranos) so it was about time the fish n’ chips lovin’ people got a say. This movie is not like any other monster/slasher zombieflick, and better than Resident Evil 2, I reckon. Mostly because the claustrophobic feel is due to vast open scenarios, without any people or movement in it. It was a real buzz seeing London totally still.
They also went for pretty unknown actors, which added to the realism, and they delivered some solid acting (like with Finn and his daughter there) with far more ethical themes than other zombieflicks I’ve seen. The virus in this movie, is for instance Pure Rage. Very philosophical. They also dare touch upon the state of mind you’re in, when it’s them or me, even to the point of being "cavemany".
Recommended, but don’t eat your dinner to it.

This one was really great as a one to watch during my Sunday hangover. The plot is classic, the fighting is cool and the synthesizer sound effects are mindblasting (not really, but they’re really cool! Like the 80s, man)! Even though the movie is Chinese, it is dubbed to Chinese. Don’t axe me why. It’s just far off cool when someone’s talking and their lips aren’t moving at all. And sometimes you’re not sure who’s saying what, but it doesn’t really matter since the script is mostly based on physical action. A short sample:
– Honest people don’t do sneaky things!
– Don’t let him recite!
– The rod sweeps away all injustice!
– No more recital!
– The rod changes power from North to South!
.. but the Iron Monkey is a really cool film, nonetheless. Highly recommended!
Gotto love those Shaolin monks. They actually try to sex miss Orchid. Badass monks!

And speaking of movies.. this is why they made Ladder 49®™!

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