Link of the day: Magnatune – Free music

Open source projects have been around for a long while, especially since Linux entered the battlefield, and we’re seeing more and more artists and programmers doing what they kind to promote their music in a creative way, without all the legal hustle (that essentially can lead to taking rights away from the artist). We’re seeing more of Creative Commons and GNU licensed material as days go by. We’re also using Feedreader and Mozilla Firefox and all kinds of Open Source applications in our everyday life.

About time they did it with music too!
Link of the day: Magnatune dot com
The motto: "We’re a record label. But we’re not evil."

4 thoughts on “Link of the day: Magnatune – Free music

  1. Well, open source audio has been around for quite a while to be fair. Especially by the means of non-commercial netlabels. Check archive dot org audio section for a slight glance of the dimensions…


  2. Thanks for the tip!
    I remember how MODs were in a while ago.
    You can still find Jason Chong’s “Kingdom Skies” around the web.

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