Vacation coming up…

That’s right! For the first time since I joined Fafo, from back when I was a civil worker in February 2004 till today, I have had no real vacation. Sure, there was one week last summer, in which I was sick the entire time, and there was x-mas of course.. but apart from that I haven’t had any spare time, any time off, any recreational moments or whatever!
Should get a medal or something!

But starting this Saturday, I’m going to eeeease out of real life and slip into that comfortable no-go zone called vacation. It’s like, if life was a foot, I’d be putting on the slippers. Slippers are vacationy. I don’t know for how long I will be AFK (away from keyboard), but I will have entire month without working.. unless something extraordinary should arise, and this never tends to happen if it threatens the holidays of the common man.

The sun is shining brilliantly now adays, but I figure the rain will begin as soon as I get off duty. But I have got a nice, reddish tan, though:) I’m quite proud of myself. I feel like stopping people on the sidewalk and ask them what they think about my tan. I should’ve thrown apples at those two blonds that just laughed at me. Didn’t have any apples.

What is vacation all about? I have no idea. Since I started my real life*, I’ve always been wondering about that. Which is why I’ve written down some things you do when you’re off work, based on information I so skillfully socially engineered from my colleagues. They didn’t even know I was asking them.

  • Waterskiing 
  • Sunbathing 
  • Watching the bunnies on one of the Oslo islands 
  • Chasing erotic dreams 
  • Lie in bed for weeks 
  • Travel 

a) Waterskiing is daft. If I ski, I ski on snow. Period. b) I’ve already got a tan. And I don’t get brown I get a reddish hue. c) Watching bunnies is one of the things that I WILL do during my vacation. Maybe several days in a row. Gotto love bunnies. Wonder how they taste, though. d) Chasing erotic dreams is just a funny way of saying ‘stalking’, and I’m not into that. If I have the chance of doing my mojo thing and some girl gets interested, we’ll see what happens. It’s not like I’m so desparate I have to plan it or anything. e) I’ll probably confine myself to bed for a while. I’ve got plenty of tea and books too. f) I might go to the Netherlands or some other country in Europe, but we’ll have to see.

Anyways, the time is sixteen oh one, and I’m not planning running overtime today. See yas.
(*RL starts after High School.)

5 thoughts on “Vacation coming up…

  1. Greetings! Enjoy the summer, because we all know the pain that comes after it. Anyway, you should visit Amsterdam, its a blast :)

  2. I’ve got vacation, summer vacation in fact. 2 months of sloth, eating and part-time work at Posten. I’ve got to work almost every day, but it’s only for three hours (sometimes 4 and a half), and I want the money. Apart from that, vacation is all that is on my schedule.

  3. I’m so sick of work that I’m likely to throw up any minute.
    .. but I’ll be back.
    Just need to get some time off and buy a little fish.

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