Concluding proof of my vacation & the Impersonality Plan

Here’s the e-mail I sent to my colleagues at work:
It’s 38 minutes untill I’m off on summer vacation.
I might be seen around here, tanfree and sleepy, but it will exclusively be to check my mail.
Can be grumpy. Do not feed. .. On a second thought, please do.

Oh, that’s 36 minutes.
I’ll read my e-mail I suppose, but your main man of computer expertise is – and always will be – mr. X. But give him a break. He’s got lots of stuff to do and is probably in a terrible lack of sleep at the moment.

The world is a dangerous place. You can get evicted. At the moment it looks as though I’m going to begin my studies this fall, but you never can tell. I’ll be coming back the 1st of August, and we’ll take it from there…
You live and you learn. At any rate, you live.
As for summer plans I ain’t got much. I’ll most probably go to see the wabbits @ gressholmen, and might end up buying fish in a bowl, or visit my friend’s cabin in the Seychelles. Who knows?

34 minutes!!

See ya!

Felt really good pressing that "Send-to-all" button. Then my future boss came runnin’ all hysteric asking me whether I was actually coming back at all or not. I told him what I told the head of the foundation: I’ll have to see what you can offer. But I’ll be around August 1st.

And worry you none, since I’ll be updating this blog throughout my vacation. Did you think I was going to leave you hangin’, all sore and vulnerable? No way! That’s just not me!
But I’ve been critizised lately for just blogging impersonal content, and people are asking to get the old Sigg3 back. I don’t know about ol’ Sigg3. I killed him and left him in a ditch. This is the new and enhanced version. The one that has plenty of cash, four weeks holiday, and went to Sudan to save the world. There is one photograph I haven’t shown the ones that were so lucky to see my 120 pictures from Darfur, and that is how I looked after I got home. I hadn’t shaved for a couple of weeks. Well, here it is. Sigg3 the fieldworker. Don’t comment the lack of tan. Should be sufficient proof for those of you still thinking I’m a girl. My name is pretty masculine here in Norway. I’m usually shaved, though. In the face, I mean.

EDIT – Five minutes later:
The rain pours down. Someone stole my umbrella. That’s just great.

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