Lost in Translation (i.e It are lost and the translation. )

Multibabel is an cgi-engine using the different translationservices of the web, to show you what gets lost in these pretty lousy translations. What it does is it bounces your text back and forth between the engines and show how much is f*cked up along the way. Really funny.

Here is what I put into the engine:
My name is Sigge. I live in Northern Norway, but I’m going to move to Oslo pretty soon.
I am 19 years old and I do alot of martial arts..

This is what came out of the engine:
My name is Sigge. Age possible I for the meat of N he within Norway von Norte, the Oslo, of that he extends it, but it was and he moves it has molded to something directly. I, the field, of that give the form to alot martial of kunstexposé of the sun, is 19 years as an older person with time.

Check it out for yourself, over at: http://www.tashian.com/multibabel/

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