How to vacate

Since I’ve inherited my mother’s stressful way of working and living (thank you), I’m really not familiar with the relaxing part of the year known as vacations. I had one week last year, that’s all, in which I was ill the whole time. Had a good time, though, but still. Other people seem to get so much more out of their vacations. I don’t see how they can manage that, and still relax?

So I bought a fishtank.
It’s a 17 litre beauty, now finally placed on my desk, filled to the brim with water, sand and plants – and eventually fish too! The only problem, except for the responsibility, the pain, the money etc. is the damn noise the pump is making! It sounds like a nuclear reactor pulling that oxygen! The whole idea was that I should provide a good home and upbringing of decent fish, and get some inspirational relaxation out of it. I like fishtanks. They are relaxing. This one is driving me mad.
When I woke up this morning I thought the world had ended, since I was lying in the foot-end of the bed with both the blanket and the pillow on top of me. I could have suffocated.
First thing in the morning I’m going to head down there and ask for a noiseless aquarium pump, even though I’m not really sure one exist. But I’ll make them exist. I’ll pay top dollars to be able to sleep at night. Sleep is my sanctuary, my little escape from .. whatever!

So the last couple of days I’ve been reading books (Origin by Baxter and Zarathustra by Nietzsche), catching flies, walking around all sleepy. Not contruary to whenever I’m working. But this is my holiday! .. I’ll have to get it fixed .. Or else I must kiss my fish-breeding days goodbye. Or goodnight.

In the links department, however, I’ve got better news. I’ve come across a well-written, entertaining blog known as dooce dot com, almost entirely by chance. I instantly added it to my list of blogs, so that I wouldn’t forget it, and to this day I haven’t regret it. It is filled with great pictures and highly entertaining every-day stories.
.. something I hate to admit, since it’s all about a mum, her husband, kid(s) and dog(s). But don’t worry, ladies, I’m still the man you yearn for – hairy torso and everything. Worth mentioning, though. *snif*

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