News in Khaki and Ceylon tea

Rounding up current events, here’s the latest from Sigg3 himself.
Thank you, Sigg3, you are teh sux.

Things are surely happening. I was terrified to hear about the bombing in London last week. I got up, turned on the radio. Had a heartattack. Turned on my computer and watched live broadcasts from BBC News, before they even knew it was bombs. All the while, before they even knew it was bombs, and before any kind of information or callup from the Al-Quada had turned up, they suspected muslims somehow. And this is perhaps the "large scale tragedy".
What strikes me as politically appaling is that these bombs could have been planted by anti-Islamist groups, since the verdict had already been made.
Chew on it.

I was glad to find out my friend Unslev now living in London was all right:
>>Good to hear you’re alive.
>me to
>and about london, fucking hell, got cuaght in south london and the
>public transport system when down, nothing, nadda, had to walk for
>7.5 hours to get home yesterday, fucking hell i was tyred!

Sorry for quoting your non-grammatical e-mail, Unslev:)

In other news, my fishtank (you have a fishtank?) is still in an urgent need of.. uhm.. fish. Apparently there was too much nitrate in the water, so I’ll have to wait until next week before implementing the main attraction: 4-5 battlefish. Till that time I’m very much excited about my seaweed, and there’s a new brew of plankton growing up right here in my bedroom. Very exciting.

I’m doing life on a day to day basis*, but I’m up for travelling, maybe even abroad. I’ve scurried around downtown, fooled around with the American and Japanese tourists (sending them god knows where in the wrong directions), found a great café with cute girls that serves me free re-fills of coffee till I almost puke, and I’ve also barbequed. Yup. Beer and BBQ is about as good as it gets.
And I write. Alot.

Last night I went to the cinema (thanks for the ticket, Kornelius!) and saw Sin City. I love Film Noir, I love Robert Rodriguez, and when I left the cinema I was in a state of cinematic euphoria. Let me tell you, the movie is great! The shooting, the feeling, the semi black&white, the women, the action, the story, the women, man you just have to love it! If you’re into comic books (or not!) and like Noir and _real heroes_, this is your film!

Sucked going to the movie alone, though. While waiting I tried to pick up this gothic girl, but she just acted like I was a total freak trying to pick someone up at the cinema.. strange. *snif*

This weekend I’m going to see my grandmother in Kristiansand. She’s actually throwing a party this Saturday, and as usual I’m present with my extremely happy karma just to meet my relatives. Well actually, I never turn down a party. It’s an instinct.
And it’ll be free beer there too. Always a plus.

That’s it for now, until next time: Be cool.
* (No, I’m not doing a jail sentence.)

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