Link of the day: Born to fly

There are some really, really disturbed people on the ‘net.

But Amanda (and her mum) doesn’t mind, so we’ve been chatting for the better part of half a year or something. We have got probably one thing in common:
Lindsay Lohan.
Apart from that I know she loooooves Harry Potter, ze books, but she agrees that he’s a total nerd. Here’s what she said tonight, when we were discussing this Jo person/author that stressed upon us this magical nerd:

Amanda> But Jo’s intelligence is fascinating. The woman is pure genius. She doesn’t just write rubbish that she’s made up, she includes myths and folklore and all kinds of things of that nature.
Amanda> Her characters have parallels to other famous characters in literature all the while making them new and interesting to read.
Amanda>She’s… amazing.
Sigg3> you love her, don’t you?
Amanda> I do.
Amanda> Like, really.
Amanda> I want her babies.
Amanda> I love her more than Lindsay Lohan, and I love Lindsay Lohan A LOT.
Sigg3> You want her babies?
Sigg3> What are you going to do with them?
Amanda> I just want them.
Amanda> And hope that they’re as brilliant as she is.
Amanda> I love her. Looooove.

Apart from that, an FBI hand-writing analysis of her states that:
"Amanda has a healthy imagination and displays a fair amount of trust. She lets new people into her circle of friends."
Apparently, I’m into this circle.

We discussed sacrificing a goat, but found out that’s a satanic circle (of friends).
Now, go visit her website.

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