Back in town

Back in town again, I’ve just discovered that some of my seaweed has been damaged from the absence of yours truly. I’m truly inclined to draw a parallell to you, my readers, and how you wither without me.

Apart from that, everything r0xX!!1
There was a drag going there by bus, since we just ended in a steam of tourists and weekend travellers like ourselves, but when we got there it was all worth it. My grandmother’s place is somewhat historical to me, since me and my family always used to spend our summers there, swimming, exploring and doing chores for the host. It has been a few years since I last went down there. Everything seemed smaller. Apparently, I’ve grown!
I was amazed to find I still knew the seven kilometre short-cut to the nearest grocery store, which rendered me capable of bringing in the beer. Later on I BBQ’d with some branches within the family, and even jammed a little with my two uncles.
Damn, my 1337 drumming skillZ are far from Mad. I’m rusty.
But I’ll get there again.

After waking up this morning, we went out from inland Kristiansand and to the coast where we both sailed with a real old-style sailboat and "drove" around with a motorized boat. Both courtesy of uncle&aunt. It’s always cool to hang out by the sea.
Lots of babes there too!

But now it’s back to normal, whatever that is.
.. When I was away there was a lot of rain here in Oslo, one guy was shot down nearby where I live in a gang-bangin-thingie, and astronomers have discovered a planet with three suns. Who said my life was uninteresting?

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