Coming to terms with The Fishtank Situation

First off: I haven’t got any fish yet.
The noise from the fishtank air pump has been driving me crazy ever since I installed it. I’ve tried just about everything. From patting the whole thing with a torn-up sock I found, isolating its hangings with rubber bands to sleeping with my head under the pillow (DO NOT TRY AT HOME), I am still at a loss as to how to manage the irritating vibrating noise.
And I don’t want to think about what the neighbours might be thinking..

I asked Fizzmatix about his pump, and he said it was really noisy too. He never had any fish, though. He had a blue armoured fresh water shrimp. You got to respect that.

I asked the guy at the store whether there were any soundless pumps, and he said: "Completely silenced? No." *sigh*
It all depends on how you interpret ‘completely’, though, since my hearing rates a 3 out of 9 due to hardcore drumming in my past. I can stand some noise. A little. A steady noise that doesn’t keep you awake, thinking about the cycle its in. Or the sudden irregularities. I’m still working on it, testing new ways and checking out other pumps. I am not sleeping under the pillow again. Not with my lungs.

For me sleep is sacred.
I need my sleep and I need my dreams.
N o w . .
If I am unable to find a proper pump and thoroughly test it, I have two options:
a) Give up the project
b) Postpone the project
And I’m not saying either one is exlusive.

It’s just that.. I’m entitled to fish. I love fish. Fish is, to quote a spam mail I just got: a walmart gift card just waiting for you. I see alot of potential in fish. Ultimately, I also think they will become the primary rulers of earth.
Which is why I want to put in a good word with them, on behalf of future generations. I’m actually doing you a favour, wanting this fish.

So b) is favourable unless I can dig up some hi-tech noiseless pump.
Postponing it would mean I could wait to get fish, pack down the fishtank as of now, and wait until I move somewhere else where I have the opportunity to put my tank not as near the bed as I have to now. But I would have to consider it a personal defeat. I love fish.

For all of you hopefull out there, I appreciate your support during these times of hardship. I promise to keep you posted on the situation. Until then, the pump is disconnected.

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