Pollresults on: "Do you have a fishtank?"

Norwegian summers in the media is referred to as "cucumber-times", a term used to describe how newspapers print two-page stories about a potato that looks like Virgin Mary and that sort of stuff. Not that I’m against potatoes, but as Adams puts it: "It’s wrong to think you can solve any major problem with potatoes". (It could have been Pratchett, I’m not sure.) As I’m heading for lunch now, I kind of lost the thread. I’ll not eat potatoes. Here’s the results on last week’s poll:

Do you have a fishtank?
Yes: 63%
I have a fishbowl: 4%
No: 27%
I just hate fish: 4%

Number of votes: 22

As for the 4% out there, hiding in the dark like the unworthy bastards you all are, I’ve only got one thing to say. Fish rulez. That’s it. As Pratchett says: "If I’d had to buy you, you wouldn’t be worth the price." For the owners of fishtank, please let me know if you have any concept of a noiseless fish pump/filter. Is there such a thing?

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