Poll #20: Do you read Slashdot?

Wohoo! Thanks to you, my readers, we’ve reached poll 20 in the weekly polls. Without counting the Female of the Year contests, the Weekly Poll has drawn as many as 20×20=400 clicks! And it’s really 800 clicks, since you have to click the Submit button afterwards!!
Also check out last year’s Sigg3 dot net Statistical Reader Analysis (S3N SRA)!
That said, the number of polls itself is not as plentiful as I’d have wanted, but that’s due to time (or lack thereof) and people failing to have an interest in polls.
"Internet polls are stupid", some might say. I say: Let’s be stupid!

Enough of the bullshit. Here’s this week’s nerdy poll.
Poll #20: «Do you read Slashdot?»

If you’re going Slashdot? WTF!? the answer is no. Enough instructions. Go ahead and poll it!
To those other kind of people going It’s spelled /. the answer is yes.

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