Summer vacation afterburn

Sigg3 o O ( Pearl Jam – Oceans )

A long planned adventure to the mountainous areas of the West Coast o Norway will commence tomorrow morning at around 8 am. Me, my mother, a friend and my sister will team up and take the train to Finse. The fellowship will then climb the mountains over a few tops and into the valley known as Aurlandsdalen. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve practically stayed here in Oslo for my one month vacation, working on different projects – including the fishtank – and it is about time I got out of the asphalt jungle.

I mean. I didn’t even went to see the wabbits. I wanted to do that!

Today I stumbled over my former band Crescent‘s webpage again. The url-forwarding service had stopped working, so I re-registered, so the original page is back up again at It is left as it was when Crescent died. I added only a small line on the intro page reading: Crescent 1999 – 2003 RIP
But looking at the photos from concerts and gigs really brought me back. I’ve been thinking about releasing all our recorded material (4-5 cds, 2 fully mastered albums among them: Sessions 2000 and Based on Sex) for downloading, but I’ll have to check with Kornelius and whomever would like to host it. I would probably throw up the mp3s I have from DiscoSuXXX and Kids In the Morgue (KIM), and if anyone still has them – the Grafiti Bråders bootlegs.

I’m back at work again, bludging time before I commence my first period as a student at the Faculty of History at the University of Oslo. I came in on my first choice, philosophy, which is as good a subject as anything else. My thing is that I had applied for quite a few courses in addition: history, Middle East and North African studies, psychology and archeolohy. Except for archeology, I would’ve been just as happy with anything. Or indifferent, maybe. But I’ll give it a shot and we’ll see how it comes along. Either way I get a nice student loan and hopefully a little scholarship too.

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