Going to Sudan part I: London – Khartoum

The first part of my travel diary from the two weeks I spent in Sudan has been released with the latest issue of Truckin’ zine. For those of you who didn’t know, I was sent to West Darfur in April (05) to participate in the fieldwork connected to the pilot project I had been working on for about two months. These are thoughts I wrote while going and staying there.

The midnight stop in Beirut was interesting in a boring way. First off, it was a big surprise! Nobody had told me that we were going to the Middle East. Oh, well. Even though the local time must’ve been nine-ish in the evening, it was pitch black and all you could see from the airport was diamond lights revealing unseen settlements, very like Tromsø at night.
People grouped around me at the middle of the plane there for no particular reason. I was too tired to follow their conversations, but my Arabic has never been any good, anyway. It’s mostly non-existent.

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