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Google: "Sigg3 is"
I can’t tell what type of pup Cocker Sigge is. I am guessing a Cocker?

Sigge is also the father of my foundationbitch Mandy, and so he lives on in all
Mandinahs today.

Sigge is also a reasonably substantial piece of software but all the other repeaters are quite simple.

Sigge is a blue Persian boy and he thiks that people live just for him. He wants to cuddle when he has time and he has a lot of time.

Sigge is not a member of any public groups.

Sigge is said to have travelled north claiming to be the God Odin, in order to win the adulation and subervience of the Scandinavians whom he conquered.

So, assuming Sigge is male, then we have 3 males and 3 females from that fair land.

sigge is Looking For: Single Men Single Women Couples. … sigge Is interested in: Cyber Sex MFF Threesome MMF Threesome Group Sex.

Sigge is all cuddled up in his patented foetus-position on top of my lap.

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