Let me get you up to speed!

Or perhaps not. The current speed is infavourably slow, and falling.
Listening to The Tarantino Collection and waiting for time to leave me alone. Next week it’s back to school after more than a year of working and drinking and having a generally good time. It’s kind of strange. I don’t feel at home around the school bench. If not while lying on it. Fast asleep.

In High School I had an intolerable high amount of absence, and I fear it will be much the same this time around. But there is a difference, though! This is University, not High School, and I should be up and about getting myself a career, contributing to society, building churches and writing psalms for kindergarten.
Harr Harr Harr
Give me sun and beer and I’ll show you contributions!

I have no idea what’s in store for me, it’s like a very slow surprise, or the shower scene from Psycho in very slow motion. It’s not a good thing. I want it to be over. I have better things to do than straighten up my life!

Sorry for the rant.

Apart from that, I’ve officially given up on the fishtank project. After my tour to the mountains this weekend, I noticed that some of my seaweed had turned black. I wonder if it can be cancer. After all, there’s probably quite a high nicotine/tar level in my bedroom air. I never got the airpump working at a sufficiently silent level either, and I never got myself to buy the fish. In part because I don’t have the money right now. And allthough the empty fishtank is kind of beautiful, it’s not what I had in mind when I first bought it. So back to the basement with it!

I’m also addicted to Tsudoku/Sudoku/Su Doku.
When I still was stuck at that puzzle, I thought about writing an application for solving tsudokus, but I was dumbstruck after thinking about how to make it work. Conventional number crunchers would do just that, crunch numbers, but the numbers in tsudoku might as well be other symbols.

And last night there was a crazed up mobberfugger running up and down the street shouting that some aliens in firetrucks were recording him, or something. I keep reminding myself that it’s not such a good sign. I think that guy could need some counselling. Nevertheless I feel completely safe around here.
All right, I don’t keep my windows wide open (but who does?) and lock the doors when I leave (who doesn’t?), and a guy was shot in the toe two blocks away, and one night when walking I met a man with a crowbar hitting the wall muttering stuff to himself. But this doesn’t bother me, except for the guy with the crowbar – after he’d crossed the street and was going for me, ’cause I sit here at more or less public display day after day, and I’ve become very used to the whatchacallit eccentricities of the neighbourhood that passes my window or wait for the bus here.

I tested the NaNoWriMo version of Puppy Linux on my ol’ Compaq Armada M700 today. It was great! Just what I need! A fast, stable linuxdistro without games and all sorts of distractions. It’s simply what you need when you need it and really fast too. Now I only have to figure out how to set a permanent homedir without having to partition my C drive. Other distros I’ve been checking out:
Whax (LiveCD)
Whoppix (LiveCD)
Knoppix-STD (LiveCD)
Knoppix (LiveCD)
Slax (LiveCD)
Fedora Core 4
I don’t think Fedora is the right thing for this old laptop, but I’m thinking about installing it at work. Great site for us with ancient hardware: www.linux-laptop.net

Speaking of distractions, my latest high-score in MS Hearts is 14 points. Think I had four or five successful full hands. I’m not one of those poker bloggers, I still pledge my allegiance to Hearts and Solitaire (Las Vegas, draw three, cumulative score).
I’ve even re-named my Hearts opponents. They’re Shakespear, Burroughs and Hemingway. So, removing these distractions are of a rather high priority. I can already see myself at 80, sitting there in my own corner at the nursery home with an old laptop, hand shaking, trying to reach new hights in Solitaire. I never play hard-copy Solitaire, though, so there is still hope.

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