Scariest picture of the day: Sam the dog

Thanks to FIX for giving me this link. This is Sam, the World’s Ugliest dog in 2003, 2004 and 2005! The proud three-year winner (without counting probable future victories) was deemed "un-adoptable" by the local shelter. Sam is fifteen. This is a picture where he smiles so happily to the camera:

You should check out his homepage over at Bugrit! He even has his own blog!

Sam is 15 years old and seemingly a happy, Chinese Crested Hairless. He is a harmless dog (more or less, read how she had to feed him the first period of ownership). Still, can you imagine having that curl up in your lap and lick your face?

The funniest picture of the day
has been rated X for tits. All you under 18 look away when you’ve clicked this link. Or not. Consider it educational. What not to do with your webcam!
Warm thanks to Fizzmatix for making me open this in the office..

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