Unemployed: Day 1

Sigg3 o 0 ( Gatas parlament – Holdning over underholdning )

First day as an unemployed, and how do I feel? GREAT! Well, I never thought unemployed ppl were as buissy as this, I’ve a thousand things to do, but that is one of the reasons I quit.

What to do then? Well; I’ve three insititutions to call and talk about my possible future jobsituation (civil service), breakfast, pick up a book at the postoffice that I ordered (Spanish dictionary), laugh at the new students coming to High School where I will never ever ever ever go again, grab some coffe a couple of places and last but not least clean up the bathrooms in this house… Then? Then on to the real gritty business. More about that later.

Link of the day: Tao of Pauly

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