DoS'ed by spambots

I was hacked again.
This time (like the last) it was spambots hitting the server with loads of traffic, trying to POST and GET by fooling around with b2 and the folder tree. Of course they didn’t know that the effort was wasted, due to my security holes being clogged with nifty code. But then again, robots don’t know much.

Have similar problem with your b2? Go to b2 Cafelog Resource Center and download b2anti-spam. Of course, this doesn’t do anything with the amount of traffic, and how external sources can distribute a Denial of Service attack (DoS) and take your server down due to lack of resources, but it disables them to actually post anything in your comments…

I must say, this is getting rather annoying. I’m in conference with my cousin to mirror the b2crc site, so that b2 users will always have an updated version of the resources available. More about this later. (Temporary mirror available here.)
Apart from that, being websiteless for three days kept me awake at nights. There are things happening in my life, yay! And upon opening my browser I’m dumbstruck as to what do to, since most of my sites of interest are tracked with RSS feedreader. I always start with an overview of Sigg3 dot net. If you want to "syndicate" this site, by the way, then here’s my feed:
It’s under construction, aesthetically.

I am truly a blogger.
Without my site, I feel castrated. Scary thought.

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