Work, work, work

FYI my page has moved (but the domain is still the same), which is why I don’t respond to e-mails sent to me. Why? Because the freagiin’ thing doesn’t work yet. Yet. It will eventually work. Some day.

It’s almost one o’clock in the morning, I’m @ work doing some work deadlined tomorrow evening. I’ve practically done nothing else but that, while running to and fro the University every now and then, since Saturday evening. So much fun.

I wonder where I’d been without chokoespresso? Probably in a bed somewhere..
mmmm…. sleep.

Apart from that I picked up two tickets for Bob Dylan live in Oslo today!
AND tomorrow is the great Fafo party, to which I am – naturally – invited. Looking forward to it. There is practically nothing better than getting blasted all for free with 7-800 other people. Along with them ministers, celebrities and bald researchers. I consider it the beginning of my downfall. After this, it is autumn, and I oughta buy the last books for my courses in philosophy and start reading them!

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