Got the flu

I’ve got the flu. The only reason why I’m at work is to fill in the timesheet ($$$!) and play some Nexiuz.

As said, got the flu.
My body’s immune defence has collapsed into scattered groups of drunken troops who might as well drink with the enemy rather than fight it and keep me well. Parts of my body’s defence have also revolted and wants to overthrow the brain HQ to declare my body a communistic state, hence re-establishing the drooling state of the infant instead of letting the wise men of the brain rule.
And my internal organs, mainly the stomach and brain, have declared global catastrophe and refuse to take in any friendly aid from the outside (e.g. food). The brain HQ is also refusing to function according to its laws, as it is in a bureaucratic collapse, and messages are wrongly delivered to the wrong offices. And with this I’m supposed to read and study philosophy? No chance.

I, my self, have capitulated.
I read only Grimberg.
I actually began the 7th volume yesterday, on the vast german/gothic migrations. Reading how people stuffing their belongings on small carts and leave the north and advance towards Gallia, Germania and Rome really render me peaceful. I think: "Good thing I’m in bed."

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