Good news everyone!

Sigg3 o 0 ( Jester and DonMartin – Bombs in your brain )

It seems as though I might get a job at one of the places I sent applications to!!! Damn, I hope this goes good, so I can stop worry about it.. :)

I won 30 NOK on a FLAX-ticket today! Seems to become a good Monday!

I was looking at just now, and I found the "top 10 movies and Y"-page quite entertaining. Check out the top 50 list, pretty outdated though: moviestop50movies.
I installed a php-variable system provided by zyp at the mesection of, so now you can skip forward to the moviespage without having to click your way through the whole goddamned site!:) Just click here!!
I’m working on a similar system for to cut down on the number of files which are all eating up my webspace, but it will take some time.

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