Sigg3 o O ( Easy Listening = Aphex Twin)

After a day of enforcing specially trained c-vitamin special forces to round up the rallying immune defence renegades, I’m actually on my way up. I’m currently not drinking any alcohol or hard liquor at the moment, no, I’m enjoying my perfectly healthy coffee and cigarette while piecing together my lately so broken website. (Note the headline of this post:)

Dear readers, I apologize for any concern you might have had about my state of health since the site was up and down so much, but now it seems me and my host have been able to sort out the technicalities and can move on to higher fields of interest. My host was also so kind to point out that I was exceeding my diskquote with more than 10 megabytes… *ahem* Sorry!

Big up for Stevem, though!
I would have messed this up without you.
And I appreciate all support from the users @ the b2 message board.

As for the New Orleans catastrophe, I apologize for my earlier political sidekick, since I was unaware at the time about the extent of the damages and human losses. Turning anything like that into an anti-Bush statement is tasteless.

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