You homo!

A kid walked up to me on the street this morning, I met a couple of classes doing a city tour, and he just came up to me, looked me straight in the face and called me homo.
"You homo," he said.
I looked at the nearest adult, but he just gave me a blank stare. As if I were to take this kind of shit. In a quasi-one-hundreth of a second I was caught between making little, neat arrangements of his brain or just let it fade into the concrete wall behind him, but then I having considered them, I realized the kid was lost and my hope of revenge was non-existing.

"You homo."

Of course it was a small kid. Still, imagine me meeting someone incidentally on the street, smile and just say: " you homo". The prime minister of Norway is, in fact, right now, in the neighbour building. Suppose I accidentally met him on my way out to have a cigarette and just said: "you homo"
He is very christian, a priest and all, and would naturally be offended, as I was when this kid implicitly implied some counterfactual statement about my sexuality. The thing is, ‘homo’ means more than just homosexual. When I grew up, I remember calling someone ‘homo’ instead of foolish, stupid, assholish etc. Oh them? I don’t like them. They’re fucking homos.

This is a typical example of some adjective that has lost or received an additional extension. Like terrorism.
Apart from that I think this little kid should’ve been rectified. You don’t think I’m homosexual. Your opinion is that I am foolish, stupid etc. For which you deserve a good spanking, you worthless piece of shit.

Indeed the prime minister is here, but since I’m at work I’ve been told that I don’t represent myself but the institution. Which means that I can’t throw stuff at him. Too bad. But perhaps I could call him a homo.
The Crown Prince is here too. I wouldn’t throw stuff at him, just make him ask the PM to resign.

4 thoughts on “You homo!

  1. I see my point was’t clear enough.
    He just came up to me and said it. No reason whatsoever. Unless i’s homo to smoke cigarettes.
    But, being in the company with his friends I bet he was showing off. Still. Rude kid.

  2. Norwegian, of course.
    “Din homo!”
    Or else I’d just suspected some interlangual difficulties, e.g. he didn’t know what he was saying at all. (See: eight year olds using the term ‘fuck’)

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