Last five flicks I saw

This is one of the best films I’ve seen this year. It is typically japaneese, pretty bloody, but moreover: it is highly philosophical. Don’t let the tagline, Could you kill your own friend? fool you. This movie goes further.
The first thing I thought when the baseline plot was established was that, if this were to be somewhat realistic, you’d have people killing themselves prior to a general mayhem. I was amazed to see that exactly this happened! Any American movie would plot out the inter-social freedom-fighter solution without anyone getting killed (except the bad guys), while this movie keeps to the case; the ego-centric modern Self which in any extreme case can use its own past to excuse for any gruesome acts acted in the present. In addition, it has the general madness of any Japanese production. Recommended!

I can’t take Tom Cruise seriously. (Allthewhile doing a good job in Eyes wide shut.) This is also the case in this movie. Brad Pitt, however, can be considered a more serious actor, or a more lucky one as regards to what roles he’s given.. Either how, this is a nice chronicle of a Vampire’s history (which we’ve seen so so so so maaaany times before), but this the first one with a child-vampire in it and the complexity of being caught in time. Average entertainment.

This is by far realistic, but should be considered another Amerian production including: action, special effects, insane fighting, wondrous marvels founded in the American God, rags to riches analogies and a cheesy lovestory.
Don’t bother.

This should not be viewed as a sequel to the magical world of Hackers, a great 80s flick any half-decent geek should’ve seen (and loved), since it is primarily based on the FBI’s crusade on Kevin Mitnick. It kind of stings when you know that Mitnick later joined the FBI… This guy really was the number one hacker icon when I grew up. I remember the defacements reading: r3l3as3 M1tn1cK or W3LL k1ll 500 baby zealz.
Great story though, but shouldn’t be taken as "Hackers 2". Don’t even know why I know it as Hackers 2. They are two completely different types of movies, and frankly, I prefer the first.

Yes! I’ve finally seen it! The existential manga story about a female cyborg which philosophize over the ghost in the shell. I find it very intriguing, and see why some mean most of Matrix was stolen from it. (Allthough a harsh and not completely true judgment.) I’ll have to see it again since I was infamously hung over when I saw it..
There are also great artistry to this flick. Sections of music and images combined to suck you into the futuristic (?) information society.

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