Teh Pehnguihns Agaihn!

BBC News reports that a documentary about penguins is the most successful French film made: "The March of the Penguins has sold $66.8m (£36.6m) in tickets since its June release overtaking Luc Besson thriller The Fifth Element."

They’re at it again! Teh Penguins!
The acting president of the National Association Against Penguins has gone underground and has been for the last 8 months, so I was unable to get a comment from him. I sent an e-mail to the Group of Concerned People and they were quick to respond: "Yes. We are concerned."

It’s also interesting to note that "In the French version of the film actors’ voices speak for the penguins."
They have a voice now. The French!

2 thoughts on “Teh Pehnguihns Agaihn!

  1. Talkin’ about penguins bro, you’ve just gotta see the movie called Madagaskar. The penguins you’re talking about have finally hit the movies! RUN!

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